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20th May 2022

Eddie Hall necked vodka, pills and s**t the bed night before winning World’s Strongest Man

Danny Jones

Eddie Hall World's Strongest Man vodka pills soiled himself

As you do

Eddie Hall necked vodka, consumed sleeping pills and painkillers, and p***ed and sh*t himself on the eve of winning the World’s Strongest Man. Probably one of the few men on the planet whose bodies can withstand such treatment, to be fair.

That’s right, the six-foot-two and then-30st man says that the night before his first-ever win in 2017, he supposedly drank “a bottle of vodka”, took “two tramadol [pain medication] and a diazepam [a brand of Valium used to relax, reduce anxiety and withdrawal symptoms]” before getting up and lifting ridiculously heavy things for sport.

He went on to tell LADBible that he slept so good that he simply passed out sat upright and woke up in the same position eight hours later, before realising he’d soiled the bed in the night.

“I’d p***ed myself and s**t myself. I remember coming back [from the competition] because that was the final of the World’s Strongest Man… and the f***ing cleaning lady had a bit of a grumble at me because she had to clean up my s**t off the bed.”

I mean, fair enough, Eddie – we’d be pretty miffed in that situation as well.

He went on to add that he gave the poor sod a big tip and reassure, “I don’t want to take the p**s out of the cleaners. But yeah, I had to basically pay extra to get my s**t cleaned up off the sheets.”

Not only that, the 34-year-old had to be up at 6am to arrive at set for the last day of the finals in Botswana for 7:30am – and thanks to a heavy helping of carbs beforehand, the concoction of pills and 500ml of vodka also didn’t even leave him with a hangover. Insane.

We’d probably have died in the same scenario, as opposed to being crowned the World’s Strongest Man a few hours later, and it goes without saying that we do not condone excessive use and the mixing of substances.

Some people are just built different though – as our very own Alex Roberts found out when he took on Hall’s full-body gym workout:

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