Deontay Wilder slammed for bench press technique 1 year ago

Deontay Wilder slammed for bench press technique

A lift is a lift but the form is all over the gaff

Now, we are never here to weight-shame, try and ridicule someone at the gym or critique someone's training without reason, but it isn't hard to see why Dillan Whyte called out Deontay Wilder's benchpress.


Wilder posted a video to social media of him bench press with some mates at the gym and let's just say, it's a good job they were there, as they play a pretty big part in him being able to get the bar back up.


As you can see, there's some pretty worrying form going on here: the weight is dipping to one side as he struggles, his back arches significantly and, towards the end, he just looks completely out of control of his body. Really not good stuff if you're new to bench pressing/looking to improve and need someone to model off.

Unsurprisingly, plenty of his peers have taken notice; none more so than fellow heavyweight, Dillian Whyte, who after having seen the video posted this caption on his Instagram story: “Look at this clown with the baby bench press kmt [kiss my teeth] #ClownWeight.”

Whyte then went on to lean on the wound and post his own flex, suggesting that he does several reps of the same amount Wilder maxes out on - once again calling him out as a "coward".


Wilder is currently in training for his third fight against Tyson Fury after the 'Gypsy King's bout with Anthony Joshua collapsed in the eleventh hour. Fight fans were frustrated but this head to head is still one that people love to hate.

Wilder fights Fury on July 24th and despite two defeats to Fury, still backs himself to come out on top. As mentioned in the video, he says: “I’m gonna be a train. You said you a semi truck? I’m gonna run you over with a train baby. You better get your weight up.”