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13th Oct 2023

Jamie Laing roasted for only just realising what ‘posh’ is thought to stand for

Joseph Loftus

Everyone’s favourite posh lad doesn’t even know what posh stands for

Jamie Laing has been absolutely rinsed online after discovering what many people believe to be the origin of the word Posh.


What the word ‘Posh’ actually stands for #jamielaing #facts

♬ original sound – jamie

Taking to TikTok recently, the Made in Chelsea star explained to his followers: “The word ‘posh’ is actually an acronym. Back in the day we used to travel by boat and you could pay more money to sit on a certain side of the boat.

“If you were a higher net-worth individual you would sit on the Port side of the boat going out to sea.

“On the way home you would sit on the Starboard side because again it was less wet, less dangerous. Hence the saying ‘posh’, ‘Port side out, Starboard home’. ‘Posh’ is an acronym.”

Well, that’s what posh means according to Jamie Laing, but it’s absolutely not true, and who came along to correct him but none other than dictionary corner’s Susie Dent who said: “It’s always been a great story but there’s no evidence for it Jamie.

“Our best bet is that it’s from a Romani word for money.”

Dent added that she’s sorry to be a “party pooper” but that she has to stick to true etymology.

Below Dent’s tweet was a number of replies and one person wrote: “That is one hell of a way to say ‘Stick to your lane and go make biscuits or something rich boy’.”

Another wrote: “Jamie just got Dented is “getting Dented” a thing? It should be.”

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