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05th Oct 2023

‘I made my long-distance boyfriend sign a contract – people think I’m psychotic’

Joseph Loftus

‘Whatever the secret to a great relationship is, this ain’t it’

A soon-to-be long distance couple have divided the internet after revealing that they’ve drawn up a contract allowing them to sue either party should they break the rules of the contract.

The contract was written up by Devon Motley and boyfriend, Geren Gathright, who took to TikTok to share the document which they had both signed.

The Texas based couple outline the rules of their relationship in the contract before they both go their separate ways to different universities.

Apparently they jokingly wrote up the doc so that “if anything goes wrong, we can sue”.

The clip begins with the contract which states neither party can cheat on the other. It also notes that neither Devon or Geren can end the relationship before September 2024.

The document also states that each party has to share their location with the other 24/7 and answer and calls from the other, while ALSO staying in contact every day (sounds a bit toxic).

The contract then reads: “Both parties are required to do the following: All issues with the opposite party are required to be brought to the attention of the party in question. Arguments must result in resolution, apology, and closing action of affection (long distance will require a gift of some sort to be ordered to each party’s home).

“Location must always be turned on. Every call seen must be answered. We must call at least once every day. Keep in continuous contact throughout the day. Always give extra reassurance.”

Next up there’s a list of things which are in violation of the contract, such as: “Violation 16: Cheating, including but not limited to: sleeping with someone of the opposite sex, having any sexual contact with someone of the opposite sex, messaging or calling the opposite sex, or sexual innuendos with ill intent.

“Violation 17: Slander against either party included in this contract; complaining about your relationship, speaking poorly about your partner, etc.

“Violation 18: ‘Neglect of participating party’s emotional or physical state. Therefore, a lack of reassurance would be considered under this violation.”

Amazingly, while the contract has split the internet, there are quite a lot of people in support of the contract and it has even been reported that Devon is now selling two versions of the contract: one for 99 cents, and another, which can be edited, for $5.99.

I’m no marriage counsellor but surely a written contract isn’t the secret to love. Just trust one another folks. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

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