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03rd Mar 2024

Spectacular ‘underwater waterfall’ in Indian Ocean baffles internet

Ryan Price

The optical-illusion like scene has left people stumped.

A breathtaking ‘underwater waterfall’ located in the middle of the Indian Ocean is doing the rounds on social media, and people can’t wrap their heads around what is going on.

The out-of-this-world spot is on the island of Mauritius, just over a thousand kilometres from Madagascar.

(Photo: Getty Images)

An aerial view of the island reveals white beaches, crystal clear water and lush green mountains throughout the 720 square mile country.

On one side of the island, the shoreline dips and plunges into what seems like a hole in the middle of the ocean. This is the image that people are trying to wrap their heads around online.

It looks like a deep waterfall flowing down underneath the water.

(Photo: Getty Images)

We had to do some digging to find out the natural reason behind why this particular stretch of the shoreline appears this way.

According to Culture Trip, the seemingly cliff-like drop-off is all thanks to the sand and silt deposits that exist underneath the surface of the sea.

Mauritius, being a relatively young island, happens to sit on an ocean shelf raised above seabed level, which is why at this particular junction the water gathers to form a 4000-meter-deep abyssal plunge.

The color of the water is a little bit different depending on the ground beneath it, making some areas appear deeper than others. That’s what gives off the whirlpool-like effect.

One of the biggest tourist attractions on the island is a helicopter ride above the Le Monroe Peninsula. From the sky, you can really take it and marvel at the optical illusion in the water below.

Along with the amazing ‘underwater waterfall’, the trip offers a view of the UNESCO World Heritage mountain peak that protrudes from the centre of the island.

If you’re every lucky enough to visit this paradise, make the helicopter tour the number one activity on your to-do list.

Mauritius is also known for being the home of the now extinct Dodo bird, and more recently, the country made world headlines following the discovery of a lost continent beneath it, known as Mauricia.

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