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23rd Aug 2018

Every demographic in the UK now thinks a no deal Brexit is most likely

Kyle Picknell

Good news for no deal Brexit fans. Bad news for everyone else, including no deal Brexit fans

No matter the demographic, employment group or political standing, the majority of people now believe that the UK will crash and burn out of the European Union with a potentially disastrous no-deal Brexit.

In the poll, conducted by auditing firm KPMG, 3,000 Brits were asked whether they thought a no-deal exit was either “likely” or “unlikely”.

A staggering 54% now believe a no-deal exit to be likely, whilst only 20% believe it unlikely to happen.

Further results include 70% think that prices will rise once the UK leaves the free market, whilst 69% believe it will affect their consumer behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, 45% of those polled stated that a no-deal would be a bad thing for the country, whilst a quarter believes it will have a positive impact on the UK.

A spokesperson for KPMG told the Independent: “This survey shows the public expect a ‘no deal’ Brexit and plan to spend accordingly. The results reveal how people are anticipating substantial disruption in the short to medium-term, before they expect Brexit to have a more positive effect on the economy in the medium to long-term.

“During this period of disruption Brits expect prices to go up, delays at airports and seaports, plus a potential hit to the pound.  The mood music of the Brexit talks is likely to have a direct effect on consumer confidence.”