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13th Mar 2024

Sky presenter calls Lee Anderson a ‘pr*ck’ live on air

Charlie Herbert

lee anderson

Slip of the tongue or Freudian slip?

Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge accidentally called Lee Anderson a “pr*ck” live on air as she was discussing the latest political drama from Westminster.

The Ashfield MP has been in the news this week following his defection from the Conservatives to Reform UK.

Speaking on her Politics Hub show, Ridge was talking about how Anderson had been one of the Tory MPs who won in the traditional Labour ‘red wall’ back in the 2019 election.

So, he was a BRICK in the wall. You can see where this going…

Ridge said: “Tonight, one of the Conservatives’ most prominent MPs from the 2019 intake, Lee Anderson, defects to Reform UK.

“He is one of the last pricks…”

At this point Ridge realised her mistake, and clearly amused herself with the slip of the tongue as she let out a small laugh. Without missing a beat though, she soldiered on: “…of the so-called Tory red wall to crumble away.”

Anderson used to be a Labour councillor but defected to the Tories in 2018. The following year, he was elected as the MP for Ashfield, which had historically been a Labour stronghold.

He was one of the dozens of Tories who won surprise victories in the 2019 election, in northern seats that had been Labour for decades.

An outspoken member of the party, Anderson has found himself at the centre of huge controversy in recent weeks, following Islamophobic comments he made about London mayor Sadiq Khan on GB News.

Anderson claimed “Islamists” had “got control of” the Labour mayor. When he refused to apologise for the comments, he was suspended from the Tory party.

And this week, Anderson announced he had joined Reform UK, becoming their first ever sitting MP.

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