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13th Sep 2019

Is the EU Settlement Scheme discriminating against stay-at-home parents?


“I just want to get this over with”

The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union on October 31, either by securing a deal with the the EU or – if Boris Johnson has his way – leaving without a deal.

That reality has put the status of Europeans living in the UK in jeopardy, even more so after it emerged that many migrants who had been encouraged to apply for settled status had had their applications rejected, or handed a separate status of pre-settled.

Many of the government’s critics believe this secondary status is nothing more than a way of padding numbers, and delaying the rejection of future applications.

We spoke to a Sonia, who has been in the UK for 18 years and who told us that she believes the system is discriminating against stay-at-home parents, who are often unable to provide essential information such as bills and tax receipts which are required to meet the Home Office’s standards of proof.