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04th Nov 2020

Everything Donald Trump has been tweeting about after the election


A momentous day

There have been times – many, many times – these past four years, when Donald Trump having a Twitter account and being allowed to use it seemed like a really bad idea.

But not today. Today was great.

With the race for the presidency on a knife-edge, Trump tweeted his way through the day, clearly growing increasingly concerned that he’d be making way for Joe Biden in the White House in the very near future.

It started at the end of election night, as Trump excitedly declared not just a big win, but a ‘big WIN!’ (the use of caps lock would be a recurring theme).

After making *that* statement, Trump ran with idea that he was in some way being wronged by the voting system and accusing ‘them’ of trying to ‘STEAL’ the election (what?).

After a few hours off, presumably for a bit of shuteye, Trump returned. A few hours’ kip hadn’t changed his tune, though. This time, he spoke of leading ‘solidly’ in key Democrat-run states, only for surprise ballot dumps to appear out of thin air to swing things Biden’s way. Hate it when that happens. VERY STRANGE indeed.

He was just ranting at this point. Although he did manage to resist the urge to hit caps lock for one whole tweet…

Before going all out in his next one, which reads like a one-tweet Peter Kay takeover…

Little over an hour later, Trump appeared to realise how elections work…

It continued…

They’re not “finding” ballots, mate. They’re counting votes.

His use of ‘big’ as an adverb is so stupid it’s hilarious. Also, he seems to be slowly grasping the concept of counting. Progress, I guess.

He’s still losing his head.

Expect these claims to drag on for a long time