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01st Feb 2017

Viewers left baffled after BBC Breakfast makes a presenter change mid-show

The BBC have cleared it all up.


BBC Breakfast viewers were left wondering whether their early morning mind was playing tricks on them, as the TV show replaced one of its presenters without warning.

Regular presenter Louise Minchin began the show alongside co-host Dan Walker.

But midway through proceedings she was gone and her place had been taken by sports presenter Sally Nugent.

Viewers were confused by the unannounced change, the likes of which they hadn’t witnessed before.

Some rushed to express concern for Minchin, who has worked on the show since 2006.

The BBC soon cleared things up, explaining that Minchin had been taken ill, forcing them into an emergency substitution.

Thankfully, she soon confirmed that she was on the mend.

But that didn’t stop some conspiracy theories coming in.