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20th Apr 2017

This English toff’s bizarre list of demands for a wife really divided This Morning viewers

Sir Benjamin Slade is looking for a wife... with a helicopter licence


Sir Benjamin Slade is not your average suitor.

He’s a knight, for one thing. He’s also a baron, who lives in Maunsel House, a stately home in Somerset. He’s been in a few relationships, but though the 71-year-old is incredibly wealthy, he doesn’t have a family, and is desperate for an heir.

To that end, he’s been on the search for a baroness with whom he can start a family, bringing him to the This Morning sofa. Viewers were somewhat taken aback by his list of demands and expectations from his new partner, which ranged from the eccentric to the downright sexist.

A suitable candidate for Sir Benjamin’s partner would be a “castle-trained” woman with “accountancy skills” who will be a “breeder” for his progeny. “It would help if they had a helicopter licence,” he added. Charming.

In a previous Facebook post, Slade had laid out his terms very clearly. “You must have a shotgun certificate, be able to run two castles, an estate and a grouse moor,” he wrote.

“MUST be able to breed two sons (don’t mind if she has bred before and is proven). A little private capital and income would be helpful. A large fortune would be more helpful.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Slade said of his search: “I am interviewing hard. I have had a few proposals, but sometimes the women are past their sell-by date and have been over the guns a few times.”

Again, charming.

The response on Twitter to Slade’s appearance on This Morning was certainly divided.

Some found his appearance on the show amusing.

While others were decidedly less impressed.


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