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17th Jun 2017

This brave fire brigade search dog’s uniform has brightened everyone’s day

This will melt your heart.


There is precious little about the heartbreaking tragedy at Grenfell Tower to lift the spirits.

The death toll is growing at an alarming rate, and the effect on an ignored, dismissed, mourning and understandably angry local community is indescribable. Most infuriatingly, it looks like an utterly avoidable disaster, and surely there must be proper accountability and serious measures taken following a devastation born of incompetence and carelessness.

But even in such horrible circumstances, there are small but important rays of light that help restore our faith in humanity and lift the spirits, even for a short while. The scenes of kindness and tales of heroism following the Grenfell blaze are truly remarkable. From residents risking their own lives to help others, to volunteers helping and feeding the survivors.

Of course the fire fighters and first responders who dealt with the hellish incident have all our admiration and full respect. They rushed into a situation when everyone else was rightly fleeing for their lives, and we are so grateful for their ongoing valour. But there’s one little hero in particular who has melted hearts everywhere and raised many a weary smile.

The London Fire Brigade’s Twitter account were keen to share an image of one of their specialist search dogs, to explain how important they are to their efforts immediately following such an incident. As the account explains, the expertly trained animals are lighter and able to cover large areas far quicker than their human colleagues.

But one detail of the canine’s regulation fire service uniform left followers gooey eyed – his tiny boots. Incredibly adorable, and a reminder that these creatures are also risking their well-being to help victims of tragedy…