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24th May 2023

Teen charged after TikTok ‘prank’ videos where he entered homes without permission

Steve Hopkins

He is due in court today

A teenager has been charged after an investigation was launched into TikTok “prank” videos where he entered homes in London without permission.

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro was charged on Tuesday evening with failing to comply with a Community Protection Notice.

The 18-year-old is due to appear in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Detective chief superintendent James Conway, of the Central East Command Unit, said: “Understandably there has been extensive comment on this case in the media and on social media.

“Now that an individual has been charged, I would ask that the judicial process be respected and allowed to take its proper course.”

A Community Protection Notice is designed to stop a person, aged 16 or over, from taking part in “unreasonable, ongoing problems or nuisances which negatively affect the community’s quality of life,” according to the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

O’Garro was filmed handing himself into the police following reports officers were out looking for him.

On Monday, police confirmed the teenager had been taken into custody.

“The arrest follows an investigation into social media footage which featured a number of incidents, including apparently unsolicited approaches made towards members of the public in the street or on transport, and entering addresses without the apparent permission of the owners.”

Conway added: “I do not underestimate the widespread upset, distress and concern that these videos caused.

“Some people have referred to these as ‘prank’ videos, but I hope that this significant development demonstrates just how seriously we have been taking this investigation since this footage began circulating online.

“A number of these videos were produced, impacting on many different people and our investigation remains ongoing as we seek to build a strong picture of both the activity featured in the footage and impact on the public.”

O’Garro told the Independent recently that he goes back and apologises to the subjects of his ‘pranks’ if he feels he’s overstepped the mark.

He also claimed that the books he destroyed in one video were his and did not belong to the library.

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