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06th Jul 2017

Shocking admission that Brexit ‘may no longer actually happen’

What the actual fuck


Was it all much ado about nothing?

It is a fundamental choice about our nation’s future that tore the country in two. It pitted old against young, family members against each other, and resulted in a poisonous atmosphere of lies and mud-slinging that the country still hasn’t fully recovered from. The result left many happy, but many others fearing for their futures.

Now reports are emerging that despite the successful leave result in last summer’s European Referendum, Brexit may not actually happen. Despite Theresa May triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, BBC Newsnight’s Political Editor Nicholas Watt has been told by senior sources that our exit from the EU is no longer a certainty.

Speaking on Newsnight on Wednesday, Watt made the stunning admission that makes one wonder what the whole point was anyway…

“I am beginning to hear talk in some quarters that Brexit may not actually happen.

“I spoke to one Leave supporter who now feared that a combination of a stalling economy and investor fear over a possible [Jeremy] Corbyn premiership could create a storm that would stall Brexit.

“I spoke to another person who’s familiar with the Brexit process who said to me they think there is a strong chance that it may not actually happen.

“But I did speak to one senior Brexiteer who is absolutely confident that Brexit will happen if only for one very simple reason – Labour divisions mean that the legislation paving the way for Brexit will get through Parliament.”