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06th Jul 2021

Sajid Javid admits UK Covid cases could surge to 100,000 a day

Danny Jones

Sajid Javid says Covid cases could surge to 100,000 a day

The new UK health minister has said that cases could surge following the end of restrictions

Health Minister Sajid Javid has warned that coronavirus cases could soar up to a record “100,000” cases a day, according to projections after the government confirmed the end of lockdown on July 19th.

The highest number the UK has ever reached was 61,240 back in January, as the nation saw a spike in cases following the ‘lockdown holiday’ granted over the Christmas period.

Javid – who has only been in post for a week or so following Matt Hancock’s resignation – said that we are about to enter “uncharted territory” as the UK moves out of lockdown and the Covid restrictions we’ve lived under for the past 18 months.

He warned that the transition could see cases “go as high as 100,000”, with UCL’s Neil Ferguson stating that should they reach the level of “150,000 or 200,000, it could still cause some pressure to the health system” and “course correction” might be needed later down the line.

In his address to the Commons, Javid also announced that double-jabbed individuals will not have to self-isolate from August 16th, nor will under 18s have to do so after being in close contact with someone infected.

While the debate over whether Covid-19 guidelines such as face coverings should remain mandatory continues to rage on, it is clear that the government are keen to get things ‘back to normal’, so to speak, as the PM said that all businesses can now reopen and employers no longer need to recommend working from home.