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15th May 2023

Puppy found with swastikas and ‘don’t feed this f****** dog’ drawn all over her body

Steve Hopkins

‘Just when we think we have seen it all’

A three-month-old puppy with swastikas and a message urging people not to feed it has been found.

The pup, now named Leslie, was rescued by law enforcement officials before being turned into the Rescue One shelter in Springfield, Missouri.

In a Facebook post last week, the shelter said the dog had hateful markings all over her body, including swastikas, and “don’t feed this (explicit) dog” etched on her skin.

The shelter wrote in the post: “Just when we think we have seen it all.

“This 3-month-old pup was shaved and has swastikas drawn all over her body. We are thankful that law enforcement rescued this dog and that we get to be part of her journey to a great home.”

The shelter said the dog was heading for the tub “to scrub-a-dub-dub all of this hate off. Only love here.”

In an update the shelter later said Leslie is “settling in great” and that the markings had begun to fade after several baths.

Leslie had also been enjoying shelter life, the update explained: “She has met some doggie friends, taken lots of naps, and has been helpful at the clinic. We have named her Leslie and she is perfect,” it reads.

Animal lovers were horrified by the post.

One wrote: “Oh my gosh that’s just terrible and sad to do that to an innocent dog. Glad she had you!”

Another person wrote: “I’m speechless! People are horrible. I’m glad this poor dog is away from all of that hate and is with Rescue One. Thank you for what you do!”

Another added: “Definitely something we’ll never understand. Thankfully she was rescued and will know what love is.”

The shelter said applications to adopt Leslie have opened and that they were looking forward to finding a loving home for her.

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