'Plagues' strike Egypt as swarms of scorpions and floods hit nation 8 months ago

'Plagues' strike Egypt as swarms of scorpions and floods hit nation

The scorpions fled the rains and into villages.

In true biblical fashion, Egypt was hit with floods, storms, and then scorpions in what is easily comparable to the ten plagues of Egypt from the Book of Exodus.


Though 7 per cent of the world are atheists, there comes a time when such displays of power make someone question whether the parables and stories written thousands of years ago have some merit.


Though extreme weather is not exactly unheard of, especially as the world collapses due to climate change, eight-legged critters rising from the ground with a vengeance certainly turned some heads.


“There were hundreds, if not thousands,” says the New York Times.

According to local officials, the scorpions were swept from their desert burrows by the onslaught of rain which they are apparently not a fan of.  From there they ventured into peoples homes where it’s believed they stung over 500 people.


The scorpion in question was the Deathstalker, which possesses a potent mix of neurotoxins that can seriously hurt, maim, and possibly kill in extreme circumstances.


“The floods in the villages of Aswan forced the scorpions out of their hide-outs, and they stung some people,” said the administrator of a Facebook page dedicated to community news in the area.

“We’re just used to it,” said Islam Mohamed on the scorpions. “We just hit them with something when we see them.”

The cataclysmic storm leftover 100 houses destroyed and three people dead.


On Monday, thousands of residents were sleeping outside or bunking with neighbours who were lucky enough to still possess a house. On Monday, a dozen protestors also stood in front of the Aswan governor’s office over a lack of electricity, water, and governmental assistance.

“It was just an hour of rain, but it wrecked everything,” Mohamed said.

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