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29th Apr 2021

JanSport releases ‘sports bag bra’ because pockets just don’t cut it

Claudia McInerney

The upcycled product range puts a new spin on conventional fashion

JanSport has teamed up with Nicole McLaughlin to launch a rather ‘unique’ collection of upcycled products, including a ‘Jan-Sports Bra.’

The sports bra is made up of two small pouches with zippers to store some essential, and let’s face it, tiny essentials.

Admittedly some pockets in women’s clothing are extremely small, with some pockets just being stitched up for appearance.

Responding to an image of the new Jan-Sports bra, one Twitter user said: “Yea I noticed that with My girlfriend’s clothes is the lack of decent sized pockets or worse fake pockets.

“Like why is that a thing that men’s clothes gets real pockets?”

Whatever your personal fashion choices may be, the new collection has been launched for a good cause.

The new range supports Slow Factory Foundation, a non-profit charity which focuses on supporting environmental impact.

On their website, the foundation said it “sees fashion as a vehicle for social, cultural and environmental change. Our work expands far beyond the fashion industry in scope and impact.”

JanSport’s launch of the new upcycled Sports Bra has certainly made an impact on social media.

Behold: the convenient, upcycled sports bra by JanSport.

Other products in the range include: ‘Zipper slippers’, ‘janshorts’, ‘fishing vest’, ‘director’s chair’, and a ‘multipack and camp seat.’

If you fancy adding a couple of items of upcycled garms to your wardrobe, the full product range is available to view on JanSport’s website.

This is not the first time well-known brands have added a bit of shabby chic to their range of products.

Gucci memorably released a pair of dirty trainers with a staggering price tag of £615 a couple of years ago.

While fashion trends often come and go with the seasons, it looks like upcycled, shabby chic products are here to stay!