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30th Jun 2023

AI creates what ‘most attractive man’ looks like in every country

Charlie Herbert

Every corner of the globe covered

Artificial intelligence has once again been given the crucial task of informing us what peak physical attractiveness is.

Whilst experts argue over whether this tech is going to guide us into a golden new era or end up killing us all, the good people of the internet are having some fun with AI.

Whether it’s imagining what Voldemort on steroids would look like or how Elon Musk would kiss a robot, the possibilities seem to be endless.

Now, someone has used AI to imagine the ‘most attractive man’ for every country in the world.

AI system ‘midjourney’ imagine men with chiselled jawlines perfect hair and piercing eyes – and then simply put clothes that it believed represented each nation of the world on them.

For example, for North Korea the AI created a clean-shaven man in a military uniform, even adding a portrait of an army general behind them.

Ever wondered what the ‘perfect’ North Korean man would look like? We got you (Reddit/r/midjourney)

Iceland was obviously given the blonde Scandi look, along with some warm clothes just like Switzerland man.

Here we have Iceland man… (Reddit/r/midjourney)
Followed by Switzerland man… (Reddit/r/midjourney)
And the fourth Hemsworth brother, America man! (Reddit/r/midjourney)

The AI also gave us Mexico and Dominican Republic, who seem to simply have been given hats and tight shirts, and African nations Uganda, Algeria and Central African Republic.

On the left, Mexico, and on the right, the Dominican Republic (Reddit/r/midjourney)
From left to right, here we have Central African Republic, Algeria and Uganda (Reddit/r/midjourney)

The images were shared on the Reddit forum r/midjourney where the sparked plenty of debate.

One person said: “I like how USA is literally just Chris Hemsworth.”

Another user wasn’t impressed, writing: “Aren’t a lot of these images basically the same guy but with slightly different skin tone and hair styles?”

A third agreed: “All of them have mostly the same facial features. Sharp jawline, relatively longer hair and muscular.”

Several thirsty others though simply admired the handsomeness that AI had come up with, with Kazakhstan in particular getting a lot of praise.

One person wrote: “God damn Mexico is jacked.”

A second said: “Something something unrealistic beauty standards… good god these guys are hot.”

And another simply asked: “Am I gay?”

Has anyone ever come out because of AI?

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