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27th Jun 2017

Man gets hit by a bus, somehow comes away without a scratch, and walks right into a pub

Has there ever been a more British reaction to being hit by a bus than nipping into the pub?

Rich Cooper

If you don’t want to see a bloke being hit by a bus, don’t watch the following video of a bloke being hit by a bus.

The bloke is fine, but he does get hit by a bus. If you don’t want to see that, again, don’t watch it, but since you clicked on the article with ‘Man gets hit by bus’ in the headline, we assume that you’re alright with it.

Let’s set the scene.

A bloke – a bloke named Simon Smith – was walking along Gun Street in Reading when he got hit by a bus.

Usually that’s the end of the story. Being hit by a bus is generally a one-way ticket to being dead, but by some miracle, Simon managed to not only survive but get away with very minimal injuries.

As you can see, the bus launches Simon into forward, crashing down to the ground and sliding along the pavement on his side. The bus appears to catch a shop front, sending shards of wood and glass flying.

Incredibly, neither Simon nor the driver were hurt. No arrests have been made following the incident. Reading Buses told the BBC that it was an “awful incident” and that it was investigating.

But perhaps the most amazing thing about the video is not only that Simon is able to stand up and walk away, but that he walks into a bar – The Purple Turtle.

Given that it was just after 9:00am, it’s unlikely that the bar was open and serving, but let’s be honest, if were hit by a bus and came away with barely a scratch, a stiff drink would be high up the list of necessary next steps.