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11th Nov 2015

Here are the 15 most searched footballers on Pornhub

Sexy football...


When you think of the phrase ‘sexy football’ it probably conjures up images of Andrea Pirlo showing off his ball skills.

While for many of us it’s merely the pseudo-erotic delight of seeing the Beautiful Game at its most beautiful, for others ‘sexy football’ is a very literal thing.

Not satisfied with seeing the players give it there all for 90 minutes, some ventured onto the internet for some extra time…alone.

Pornhub has revealed the top 15 most searched football players online…and it makes for some very strange reading.

Unsurprisingly Cristiano Ronaldo has come up (no pun intended, honest) as the winner – although we can’t verify how many of these searches were made by himself.

What is surprising is that somehow Wayne Rooney and Diego Costa have also managed to slip into the table.

Some people are just sick.

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