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30th Aug 2022

Grandfather punches his daughter’s fiancé after he was caught abusing five-year-old daughter

Danny Jones

Grandad punches his daughters fiancé for abusing grandchild

The grandad became suspicious after seeing his granddaughter sat on the lap of his daughter’s fiancé

Trigger warning: story contains upsetting details

A man has been arrested in Middletown, Pennsylvania after he was caught sexually abusing his fiancé’s five-year-old daughter.

The horrific crime was stumbled upon by the woman’s father who became suspicious after seeing his granddaughter sat on the man’s lap in her bedroom while his two other grandchildren were playing in the living room.

The grandfather’s concern grew further when he noticed that it was far “too quiet” in the bedroom and after walking in to check on his grandchild, he found the man with his genitals exposed and his granddaughter’s pants having also been pulled down.

Incensed, the the grandad proceeded to punch his daughter’s fiancé and call the police. Local authorities identified the abuser as 22-year-old Aaron Cunagin, who initially claimed he “blacked out” during the incident, according to court documents viewed by McClatchy News outlets.

After being questioned by Middletown Borough PD, Cunagin then tried to convince officers his pants had simply fallen down but later admitted that he pulled them down himself and felt “numb” after the young girl pulled hers down.

Cunagin was arrested on Wednesday, August 24 and charged with rape of a child, indecent exposure, indecent assault, unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors, after the five-year-old told police that it had happened at least five times prior.

“It just went through my head,” said Cunagin, as per a Penn Live report, going to state: “I was back and forth with myself. I just felt numb. I just sat there with it in my hand.”

The man denies the previous alleged incidents but has been sent to Dauphin County Correctional Center and has been unable to post his $150,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 7.

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