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29th Aug 2022

Shocking: Police launch investigation after hedgehog is found taped to a lamppost

Jack Peat

The animal sadly died.

Police are investigating after a hedgehog was found – taped to a lamppost.

Local resident Laura Hughes came across the hedgehog in Drayton in Oxfordshire on Friday afternoon.

The mum-of-two was with her nine-year-old at time who was at eye level as they made the shocking discovery.

Taking to social media to share her concerns, Laura posted: “Whoever has done this to a hedgehog along the Abingdon Road should be utterly ashamed.

“I think it’s important that this behaviour is called out and made public, but I appreciate it’s a horrible photo.

“It was particularly horrible in person too, especially for my nine-year-old who was at eye level with it.”

Ms Hughes has reported the incident to Thames Valley Police, and described the situation as ‘worrying’.

She said: .”The RSPCA website stated that wild animal issues should be referred to local charities, and obviously there was nothing that could be done for the hedgehog so that went nowhere.

“My concern is that animal cruelty is known to lead to other serious offences.

“While I doubt the person responsible for this will be found, it may be helpful to the police if there is a pattern of behaviour going on.

“There were some horses injured nearby the same night, it’s very worrying.”

The animal sadly died.

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