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11th Feb 2017

Donald Trump pretends to understand Japanese after forgetting earpiece



Clearly, we’ve underestimated Donald Trump.

Prior to the visit of Shinzo Abe – Japan’s prime minister – to the White House, not one of us had the recently inaugurated president down as someone with a good understanding of the Japanese language.

Appearing alongside Abe on Friday afternoon, it was noted that President Trump wasn’t wearing an earpiece to translate his address.

Clearly there was no need, as Trump nodded along in agreement with Abe’s speech, quite clearly understanding every single word of it.

Some people had the audacity to suggest that Trump didn’t actually understand any of it and was merely pretending to understand Abe. As if.

Despite having no problems whatsoever understanding his Japanese counterpart, Trump decided to put in an ear piece a few minutes later. We’ve no idea why.

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