Brits urged to cut meat intake by 30% to save planet 3 months ago

Brits urged to cut meat intake by 30% to save planet

Even cutting down by less than a third could save the climate, according to advice

Britain and, indeed, the world needs to cut down on its meat consumption by at least 30 percent in order to meet our carbon targets and if we are to survive the ongoing climate crisis, according to a report by Henry Dimbleby speaking to Sky News.


Dimbleby, who is co-founder of Leon Restaurants and the Sustainable Restaurant Association - as well as being appointed as a lead non-executive board member for the government Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs - said that the current scale of animal farming simply "takes up too much land" and that a "30%" reduction in meat intake would help combat that.

Speaking to presenter Niall Paterson, who said it's "the steaks and the beefy bakes" that he enjoys, Dimbleby pointed out that there is "a way through on meat" and that "cutting out the processed stuff" is the key step in making this crucial change.

He went on to add that for those still not sold on an entirely vegetarian or vegan diet, "we can still have the roast chicken, the steak and the things we really love".

According to the businessman and food strategy adviser - who is the younger brother of former Question Time presenter, David - this particular aspect takes up "six chapters of 16 on meat" and he reiterated to viewers that "not all meat is equal" but that this plan could us keep meat in our many of our diets whilst reducing its overall effects on the environment.


Today, Sky's 'Daily Climate Show' also touched on fears surrounding the Amazon basin, as the rainforests could now be emitting more carbon gases than it absorbs for the first time in history.