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06th Dec 2021

Brit mauled by crocodile speaks out from hospital bed

Adam Bloodworth

The croc mauled Amelia’s leg and right foot and dislocated her hip

A British teenager who was mauled by a crocodile on the Zambezi river has spoken from her hospital bed.

18-year-old Amelie Osborn-Smith had her right leg and foot badly injured by the crocodile while she was rafting down the river on holiday.

Her leg was dangling over the edge of a dingy when the crocodile attempted to drag her underwater into a “death roll,” her father Brent Osborn-Smith explained to the BBC.

Speaking from her hospital bed in a video that’s since been shared online, Amelia said: “People say that you see your life flash before your eyes, but you don’t, you just think: ‘How do I get out of this situation?’

“Your brain just goes into overdrive. I was just very, very lucky.”

She added: “I can see now that your life can be over so quickly.”

However, Amelie said the incident hasn’t put her off from going on more adventurous trips.

“I think, just do it all while you can and don’t let one incident hold you back,” she said.

The attack on Zambia’s Zambezi river happened last Tuesday November 30, when Amelie was white-water rafting with pals.

Despite her positive outlook, Amelie’s family also said in a statement she is experiencing “frequent flashbacks and nightmares.”

Amelie will now be moved to the trauma department of a London hospital nearer her Hampshire home. The costs of her move are being covered by her insurance.

Bundu Rafting, the company that took Amelie on the trip, said: “What happened to Ms Osborn-Smith is an unfortunate accident – the first of its kind to occur with Bundu Rafting.

“Ms Osborn-Smith’s well-being and speedy recovery is our top priority, and will remain so until she is discharged from hospital.”

Crocodile attacks are incredibly rare. The latest documented fatal crocodile attack was in 2019 in Indonesia when scientist Deasy Tuwo was mauled to death in a research facility enclosure.

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