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24th Aug 2022

Blind man who used voice activation to watch child abuse videos caught by delivery driver

Charlie Herbert

Blind man facing prison after watching child sex abuse videos

His phone contained more than 750 images and videos of child abuse

A blind man is facing time behind bars after a delivery driver caught him watching videos of child sex abuse using voice activation software.

Guy Kibblewhite, 58, from East Kilbride appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court on August 19, and admitted to having hundreds of child sex abuse images on his phone.

The court heard he used an accessibility device that would describe the images and videos to him. But he was caught when a delivery driver saw a photograph of a naked boy on Kibblewhite’s phone.

He has been registered blind since May 2015.

Neil Thomson, prosecuting, said that it was on June 28 last year that a driver delivering parcels passed Kibblewhite’s home, and glimpsed the phone through the window.

Mr Thomson stated: “The worker could clearly make out an image of a boy aged six to seven years on the accused’s phone screen.

“The child appeared to be completely naked. The man was concerned by what he’d seen and contacted the police.”

Police seized Kibblewhite’s phone and discovered 689 indecent photos of children. More than 180 of these were in the most depraved category, the Daily Record reports.

Kibblewhite was only caught when a delivery driver spotted the images on his phone screen whilst walking past his house (iStock)

The phone also had 67 videos of child sex abuse on it, 53 of which were in the most serious category.

Some of the images were of babies thought to be newborns or only a few months old.

Kibblewhite admitted to possession of indecent images over a 10-year period.

After commenting that it seemed “incongruous” for Kibblewhite to be facing such charges, defence lawyer Andy Thomson said his client can “see some form of movement, no more than that.”

“Sometimes there is a voice activation device on the phone that provides a narrative of what the moving images show,” he added.

Analysis of the phone showed it was fitted with a device that allowed it access to parts of the dark web.

Kibblewhite wept as he was told by Sheriff Speir that he should “be prepared for a possible prison sentence.”

But he added that he had “not yet come to a conclusive view” on the appropriate sentence due to the “unusual circumstances.”

Kibblewhite’s sentencing has been deferred to next month whilst background reports and risk assessment are carried out.

Sheriff Speir also asked the defence to provide medical evidence proving Kibblewhite’s blindness, saying he wanted to be “quite satisfied” that his condition is genuine.

Kibblewhite had his bail continued.

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