Baby and mother killed in Odesa bombing pictured for first time 2 months ago

Baby and mother killed in Odesa bombing pictured for first time

Kira was born in January

After the coastal city of Odesa was bombed by Russian military, the first images of a killed baby and mother have been revealed.


Missiles from a Tu-95 strategic bomber decimated Odesa on April 23, killing eight people, including three-month-old Kira and her mother, Valeria Glodan, 27. Her grandmother was also killed, and a further 18 people were injured, reports the Mail Online.

“Behind my back is what the [Russian] occupiers name ‘a military object’," Odesa's mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov said. “What they hit today with their high-precision weapon, this is what they call a military object.


He continued: “Eight people were killed, one of them a three-month-old baby girl, a resident of Odesa, who wasn’t given a chance to see life.

“Scumbags you are, may you burn in hell.”


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attack in his nightly address and branded the Russian forces "b******s."

"The war started when this baby was 1 month old. Can you imagine what is happening?" he said. "They are just b******s. I don't have any other words for it, just b******s."

Ukrainian BBC journalist Myroslava Petsa took to Twitter to share the story, where she wrote: "Valeria was a new mother, her baby daughter Kira was just three month old.


"Russia took away their lives today when its rocket hit a residential building in Odesa.

"Valeria’s husband and Kira’s father Yuri posted these pictures of them."


Earlier this year, just four weeks after Kira was born, Glodan shared images of her pregnancy on Instagram.

“These were the best 40 weeks of my life," she said. "Our baby is already a month old."

She continued: “Her papa presented her with her first flowers.

“This is an entirely new level of happiness.”

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