Astonishing video shows hundreds of Ukrainians force Russian tanks to stop by walking at them 5 months ago

Astonishing video shows hundreds of Ukrainians force Russian tanks to stop by walking at them

Shockingly, this isn't the first time Ukrainian citizens have stood up to tanks

In a truly astonishing video, hundreds of Ukrainian citizens stopped advancing Russian tanks by walking straight towards them.


In what is believed to have been filmed in  Koryukivka, in the Chernihiv region, hordes of Ukrainian civilians fearlessly approach tanks. A translated caption to the video reads: "People stop Russian fascists and do not let them into their city!"


As the video changes angle, yet more civilians join the march. Some people are filming, some are shouting, and yet, barely anything can be heard over the sound of the advancing tanks. But that didn't stop the people from advancing.

Like other footage from Ukraine, the post has since gone viral, and the civilians are being hailed as heroes. "A million raindrops create a thunderstorm," one person rightly pointed out.

Another wrote: "Power. To. The. People.


"The world stands behind you #Ukraine."

Russian troops can be seen poking their heads out of the vehicle but don't appear to react. Footage of brave Ukrainian citizens has flooded the internet since Thursday in what can only be described as true heroism. From the man single-handedly stopping a convoy to the mother who gave birth in a bomb shelter, the Ukrainian people are proving to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Alongside the birth of Mia below the streets of war-torn Kyiv, Ukrainian politician Hannah Hopko wrote: "Mia was born this night in stressful environment- bombing of Kyiv.


"Her mom is happy after this challenging birth giving and immediately departing to shelter.

"When Putin kills Ukrainians we appeal to mothers in Russia and Belarus to protest against Russia war in Ukraine. We defend lives and humanity!"

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