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18th Oct 2023

Woman saves money using old pyjamas instead of toilet paper – then chucks them in the wash

Charlie Herbert

Her husband isn’t keen apparently

A mum has explained how her and her family try to promote a low-waste lifestyle by using ‘Family Cloth’ instead of loo roll.

In a recent video on her TikTok page, Ali shared what it’s like when her family come to visit her “low waste home.”

In the clip, she mimicked their reaction to her sustainable “Who gives a c**p?” toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom.

One person commented on that video: “At least you had toilet paper and not family cloth.”

“The family cloth and bidet setup is in the upstairs bathroom, I cannot tell a lie,” Ali replied.

Someone then asked: “What the f**k is family cloth?”

Ali responded with another TikTok video in which she shared what her upstairs bathroom looks like.


Replying to @caw0528 explaining family cloth #familycloth #sustainablehome #lowwastelifestyle

♬ original sound – Tiny Waste

She explained: “I don’t know who came up with the term family cloth but it is an unfortunate name for cloth toilet paper.

“Let me show you the setup in my home to hopefully help remove some of the ick factor.

“This is the toilet in our upstairs bathroom, primarily used by my husband and I.

“This is a basket of clean wipes – mostly flannel cut from old Christmas pyjamas.

“When I use the bathroom, I let the bidet do all the heavy lifting, pat dry with a clean wipe and then put the used wipe in this bin, which will eventually go into the laundry.

“No wipe is ever used for multiple bathroom sessions without being laundered – that would be disgusting.”

She says that the family cloth is “sturdier and softer on my bum,” although apparently her husband isn’t as keen so they keep normal loo roll in the bathroom.

One person reckoned the video hadn’t had the desired effect, saying: “The ick factor wasn’t removed for me.”

“When I heard family cloth. I was very scared y’all were sharing like a single rag hanging on a hook by the toilet,” another admitted.

As someone else agreed, writing: “‘Family cloth’ def makes it sound like one rag the whole household shares.”

“You couldn’t pay me to do this,” a third said.

Replying to one person who asked “what is the point,” Ali said it was both to save money and the environment, before adding that her “haemorrhoids really appreciate the extra softness.”

Thanks for letting us know Ali.

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