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23rd Apr 2015

Video: These hoppy tea bags turn cr*p lager into craft beer…


Ben Kenyon

Bad lager – there’s nothing worse in this world.

But your days of drinking p*ss in a can could be over, sonny.

One US company has dreamed up a novel way of turning that bilge into beautiful craft gear.

In a move probably inspired by PG Tips, the guys at Hop Theory have invented a genius tea bag – but for your beer.

The ‘beer enhancing sachets’ can be slung in your flat, sexless pint to give it some hoppy va-va-voom.

For any Scottish or Yorkshire folk out there, you can reuse the bag up to four times. How’s that for value for money?

The guys have set up a Kickstarter page to help stump up the $25,000 they need to get these bags off the ground.

Four flavours are in the pipeline – raspberry, pumpkin, double IPA and peach.

Cr*p ale, your days are numbered.

(H/T Telegraph)