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03rd Apr 2016

The ‘champagne machine gun’ is the ultimate party weapon

Jordan Gold

Can something be both a genius invention and an extravagant waste of money?

This gold-plated Champagne super soaker is designed to make clubbing a little more “action packed”. Dan Bilzerian has probably already ordered twelve of them.

The guns producer, The King of Sparklers, describes the wealthy-only weapon as “an original accessory, an elegant and exuberant way to serve champagne.”

Its recommended retail price is $459.00 (£350), though, so you’ll need a hefty budget if you want to take advantage of it.

Capable of shooting a 23 foot long spray of champagne for up to 45 seconds, it only takes magnum sized ammunition. It’s available in gold, rose gold and chrome, obviously.

Coming soon: a flamethrower that burns dollar bills instead of petrol?

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