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02nd Feb 2016

Study reveals some very interesting tips to help you get a second date

Paul Moore

The majority of people will have a ‘friend’ (wink,wink)  that has experienced an absolute car crash of a first date.

But we’re sure there are perfectly legitimate reasons as to why things just didn’t work out.

Maybe the two people had absolutely nothing in common, perhaps one of the people was being weird, or maybe the cardinal rule was broken. You know the one that we’re talking about, right? Stealing food off the other person’s plate.

Joey Food

If you happen to be heading out to a restaurant on a first date then there are a few things on the menu that might increase your chances of getting a second date: sushi and cocktails.

A recent study by has revealed people who eat sushi on a first date are 170% more likely to meet up again. Yep, there’s no need for them to be looking for any other fish in the sea.

How is this the case? Well, sushi is seen as slightly different and adventurous thus driving up the dopamine levels in the brain.

There are more biological factors at play though because – according to the study – ‘sushi contains omega-3, which boosts circulation and alertness. Seaweed contains iodine, which raises testosterone.  And wasabi’s active ingredient drives up heart rate. These are all changes that are linked to arousal’.

sushi rolls

Moving swiftly on, if you’re wondering about what drinks to order then this same study also has a suggestion for you. Drinking cocktails increases your odds of seeing the person again by 130 percent…unless you happen to get absolutely hammered on them. That’s never a good idea.

With this research in mind, I’m sure that any people that work in a restaurant that specialises in sushi and cocktails must be hornier than rabbits in heat.