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23rd Aug 2022

Russian tourist in swimming trunks accidentally gives away position of artillery to Ukraine

Danny Jones

Russian man swimming trunks gives away military position

The epitome of being caught with your trousers down

A Russian tourist who posed for a picture on a beach near Crimea while in his swimming trunks inadvertently did the Ukraine troops a favour by accidentally giving away the enemy’s military position.

Tweeted by the official account for the Ministry of Defence, officials had the rare pleasure of posting a more light-hearted photo of the man posing next to a number of military vehicles in the city of Yevpatoria.

Much to Ukraine’s delight and amusement, what the unsuspecting civilian did not realise was that by taking the photo and sharing it on social media he had just unwittingly given away the position of Russian artillery and air defences.

Who knew holiday pics could be so helpful?

As you can see, the Twitter account had some fun with the photo, teasing that “maybe [they] were being too hard on Russian tourists” and should probably be thanking them.

On this occasion, the man in the sunburnt snap and snug pair of Speedos is thought to have revealed at least two Russian S-400 air defence systems to Ukrainian intelligence.

While some members of the public are still willing to go on holiday amid the ongoing conflict, the Russian invasion has seen tourism in Crimea plummet. The heavily contested region of Ukraine which was annexed by Russia back in 2014 has long been a popular holiday destination, with many Russians spending their summers sitting on the beaches along the cost of the Black Sea.

Putin’s criminal campaign in Ukraine has now been running for over six months and the Russian leader shows no signs of pulling out of Crimea or any other territories. Nearly 9,000 of the nation’s soldiers have now died in the conflict and at least 5,587 civilians are said to have lost their lives since the fighting began on February 24, 2022.

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