Royal Mail postman can barely stand up after 'accidentally eating weed brownies' 5 months ago

Royal Mail postman can barely stand up after 'accidentally eating weed brownies'

The longest mail round ever...

In a video you can't help but chuckle at it, a Royal Mail postman has to be picked up from his round after he can barely stand up - let alone walk - after accidentally eating weed brownies.


The clip itself was originally posted on a now suspended Instagram account called @tj.strictlyheadstrong and reshared across TikTok and Twitter. In it, we see 'Postman Pat' - real name Ian - having a rough paper round, to say the least.


The man behind the camera goes on to explain how he had to pick up not one but multiple postmen from their routes in the Clapham area of London after it became evident they had all got into a box of brownies left in the office.

As the video runs on, you can see the poor postie picked up roadside as he is simply too high to be on the job, before being taken back to the depot where he is barely able to stay awake.

The high postman is unaware at first, simply telling his colleague and the man that picked him up: "I'm not right". A colleague then reveals he had two of the unclaimed brownies before he corrects her and says he had four - at which point, they simply cannot contain their laughter.

According to a message posted in a later Insta story, the box of "Edibles by Pablo Chocobar" was allegedly handed out to staff after they tried to deliver them to an empty home and there was no return address on the parcel.


Royal Mail issued a response stating: "We have commenced an investigation which will determine whether any further action, including disciplinary action, might be taken", as well "reminding all staff at the delivery office of the correct procedures for dealing with items with no address for delivery or return.”

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