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24th Mar 2015

Jesse Nagy is the best uncle of all time

Best. Relative. Ever.


Jesse Nagy is in the running for the greatest Uncle of All Time after he wore a princess dress to the cinema so his niece Izzy would wear hers too.

A brilliant picture of the trip to see a movie was posted to Reddit with the caption: “The niece was embarrassed to wear her princess costume to the movies. The Uncle didn’t like that..”



Further snapshots were posted to Facebook by Jesse of his ‘costume’ which he claims be borrowed from a friend.


A ‘friend’. Look, Jesse, it’s cool. You can admit to us if it’s your stash. A real man (and super uncle) has a well-stocked fancy dress box.

In every single photo, young Izzy looks over the moon with her uncle Jesse’s show of solidarity. What a top man.