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13th Jun 2022

Grown men are seriously criticising Alex Scott for wearing a dress to Soccer Aid 2022

Kieran Galpin

I don't understand why there are so many female presenters

‘I don’t understand why there are so many female presenters’

While hosting this year’s Soccer Aid charity football match last night, Alex Scott was met with vile abuse from grown men who deemed her outfit “inappropriate.”

The annual Soccer Aid event brings celebrities and former footballers together to raise money for UNICEF and this year was hosted by former footballer Scott, 37, and 49-year-old Dermot O’Leary.

While fans had no issue with O’Leary who was clad in a rather dashing suit, some so-called fans took issue with Scott’s black bodycon dress.

“Ridiculous dress for a sports charity event!!!” wrote one person on Twitter, while another quipped, “Really like Alex but I do think they are a bit overdressed for this occasion.”

“Sick of seeing Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott every time I turn the TV on. Be coming out of the toilet next ffs,” another said.

However not everyone is bashing away on their keyboards giving the world their best Piers Morgan impression and many users have sprung to Scott’s defence.

“Who agrees Alex Scott looks absolutely beautiful on socceraid this evening, so radiant with beauty,” wrote one poet.

Another user took the chance to explain why Scott was trending on Twitter: “Alex Scott is trending. In case you’re wondering, it’s a load of massively insecure blokes whinging about what she’s wearing, while also claiming that the ex professional player with a degree in sports broadcasting is ‘out of her depth’.

“Fucking state of them all,” they added.

Someone else pointed out: “People out here offended by Alex Scott’s dress whilst Robbie Williams is out here in glittery double denim.”

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