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27th Aug 2020

Ian Wright defends Alex Scott and Micah Richards following Sky Sports shake up

Ian Wright has posted a brilliantly scathing destruction of the racist trolls, and their comments against the likes of Alex Scott and Micah Richards

Reuben Pinder

Tells it like it is, our Ian

Ian Wright has taken on the racist trolls who responded to the news that Sky Sports had let go of three of its white, middle aged pundits by aiming unfounded criticism at the likes of Micah Richards and Alex Scott.

After the news broke that Sky Sports had relieved Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson of their duties, thousands of replies to various news accounts flooded in, criticising the mystical ‘PC brigade’. One example said they will “probably be replaced by Alex Scott, Micah Richards and a disabled lesbian.” You get the gist.

Ian Wright then stood up for his black media colleagues in a video he posted on Twitter.

“The racism is going through the roof today,” he began.

“What does Micah Richards, Alex Scott, Sol Campbell, Clinton Morrison or any other black pundit have to do with Sky’s decision to get rid of these guys?”

“What have these guys done? Because a black person or a woman might get the opportunity to do this job? Why are people upset?

“Alex Scott, for me is easily one of the best prepared pundits out there. Micah Richards, most exciting pundit to hit the scene in years.

“Keep their names out of your stinking unbrushed mouths.”

“This is Sky’s decision to evolve the show,” he added.

Wright’s post was met with applause by anyone with more than two braincells, but also, predictably, some more racism.

Keep fighting the good fight, Wrighty.