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26th Sep 2023

GTA 6 multiple maps leaked as new footage shows travel between states


‘This map is gonna be huge, bro. A dream come true’

The latest GTA leak has fans suggesting that Grand Theft Auto VI will include multiple maps and the ability to travel between states.

It has already been suggested that the latest iteration of the game – last released in 2013 (GTA 5) – would return to its Vice City roots. Now, a new leak of documents hints that there might be multiple maps.

If true, players will be able to travel across states to locations such as Georgia.

The maps rumour comes after suggestions the new game’s protagonists will be a man and woman called Jason and Lucia, the online mode will introduce seasons similar to Fortnite and the wanted system will be overhauled. Reports earlier this month suggested 750GB file size and 400 hours of gameplay.

One fan, who goes by Jasonfromgta6, explained that people had used coordinated seen on the leaks “to map out the locations.”

“This map is gonna be huge, bro. A dream come true,” he wrote on X.

GTA fans who have crunched the data, suggest Grand Theft Auto VI will include locations from Georgia.

With Vice City – the birthplace of the 1997 game – being based on Miami, it is quite the distance from Georgia so Rockstar will have to do a bit of geographical rearranging, Gaming Bible noted.

Some eagle-eye fans believe the leaked documents showed a Georgia prison, which adds weight to the rumours.

“Rockstar have brought down and featured locations from Georgia, including a Prison and mountain ranges not present in real world Florida,” the document reads.

A Twitter account named jasonfromgta6 also included images of the prison in question which many believe to be the Augusta State Medical Prison in Georgia.

Alternatively, Rockstar might just be basing the architecture of the new game on real buildings.

A launch date for GTA VI is yet to be revealed.

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