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29th Aug 2023

Grand Theft Auto fans stunned by leaks of ‘dynamic weather system’ in GTA 6

Charlie Herbert

Grand Theft Auto fans stunned by leaks of ‘dynamic weather system’ in GTA 6

Another day, another GTA 6 leak

Grand Theft Auto fans have become very excited after a leak appeared to show GTA 6’s new dynamic weather systems.

GTA 6 probably the most highly-anticipated video game of all time, and it seems like every week now there’s a new leak about what it may include.

Given it’s been a decade since the last installment in the franchise, fans are desperate for any hint or idea of what the game may look like.

And big things are expected given that it is apparently going to be the most expensive video game ever made.

Couple with the hype around the game, GTA 6 has also been one of the leakiest games ever. This started way back in 2021 when Rockstar Games, the studio that makes GTA games, was the victim of a huge hack.

So leaks are out there, and they keep cropping up.

The latest scoop seems to be surrounding the weather systems that will be in the game. Considering Rockstar are also the studio behind Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the most mind-boggling details and realistic games ever seen, fans are expecting similar detail in the first Grand Theft Auto game to feature on the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

One GTA leaker recently shared footage claiming to be from GTA VI which showcased snippets of Vice City’s dynamic weather systems.

While the leaker has not revealed specific details, they did mention that players can expect a “multitude of weather scenarios.”

Could stormy weather be a regular feature on GTA VI?

Considering that Vice City is designed as a parody of Miami, don’t expect much snow in the game. But volatile weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms could feature if this footage is to be believed.

As with all of these ‘leaks’ though, a degree of caution and scepticism should be maintained. The screenshot has been removed from X (formerly Twitter) and from Reddit by the platform’s legal team.

There’s probably a while to wait until we finally get to experience GTA 6 though, with the closest to an official release date being a report stating that the game is unlikely to arrive before mid-2024.

And Rockstar themselves seem to have also hinted that 2024 could be the year when we finally get another Grand Theft Auto game.

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