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19th Mar 2024

New PlayStation console release date leaks online


It’s sooner than you might think

A new release date for the next PlayStation console has appeared online, and it’s exciting news for fans.

The PlayStation 5 was released back in 2020, and since then fans have been waiting for an upgraded version of the console to hit shelves.

It seems gamers are in for a treat with the new rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro, which is said to have 45 percent more power than the current console, per Evening Standard.

Moore’s Law Is Dead on YouTube appears to have leaked details of the new console, after they accessed documents that had been shared with PlayStation development partners.

The graphics processor (GPU) seems to be one of the biggest changes, although the core CPU processor remains largely unchanged, except for the addition of a boosted mode which can add up to 10 percent more power.

Additionally, the new console is set to have a faster system memory. The PlayStation 5 Pro is reported to have 576 GB/s data ferrying capabilities, nearly 30 percent up on the current console’s 448GB/s.

However, what does it actually mean for gamers?

Well, the new specs mean that there is likely to be an increase in ray tracing, which uses a ton of computing power but gives much cleaner graphics, in particular reflections and light. Gamers can also expect the Pro to render games at higher resolutions thanks to the increased GPU.

Insider Gaming reported that the PlayStation Pro 5 could be released as soon as the end of the year, saying that Sony are aiming for a “‘tentative’ Holiday 2024 release”.