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29th Apr 2024

Rishi Sunak slammed for pouring himself ‘£900 coffee’ in attempt at TikTok trend

Nina McLaughlin

The Prime Minister tried and failed at being down with the kids

Rishi Sunak’s latest PR move to try a TikTok trend has failed miserably.

The Prime Minister attempted to use the video trend to bring attention to the cut in National Insurance, which should see people get more in their April pay packets.

The trend in question has been knocking around TikTok for a while, and it sees users reveal text on a clear coffee cup when they pour milk in.

Sunak’s take on the trend saw him pour milk into a mug to reveal £900 written on the cup.

“Pay day is coming,” he wrote alongside the clip, shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Our second National Insurance cut hits payslips tomorrow. It’s worth £900 to someone earning the UK average salary.”

However, the all-knowing Community Notes feature on the social network called the PM out for this claim.

“When all tax changes are included, the average worker (on approx. £35k) will save only about £340 a year,” fact checking platform Full Fact said. “If you earn less than £26k, you will be worse off.”

The replies to Sunak’s coffee video are, as you might expect, pretty scathing.

“You’ve never made a a cup of tea in your life,” one person wrote. “That milk pour was awful and the ratio is just as bad.”

A second put: “In 2020 avg price of a pint of milk was 45p. Today avg is 72p. Thanks Rishi!!!”

While a third wrote: “Too much milk Rishi.”

Looks like he really got his message across, right?

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