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13th Dec 2023

Florida joker demands ‘extra $1 million’ from Rockstar after dyeing hair purple like GTA 6 character

Charlie Herbert

Florida joker demands 'extra $1 million' from Rockstar after dyeing hair purple like GTA 6 character

The ‘Florida Joker’ has demanded Rockstar pay him an ‘extra $1 million’ after dyeing his hair purple like the Grand Theft Auto VI character he believes has been based on him.

Lawrence Sullivan shot to internet fame in 2017 when he was arrested by Miami police and his mugshot went viral. Thanks to his tattoos and green hair he was dubbed the Florida Joker.

Following the release of the record-breaking GTA 6 trailer earlier this month, he accused Rockstar Games, the studio behind the franchise, of using his likeness to create one of the characters in the trailer.

In a TikTok, Sullivan said he is going to sue Rockstar for $2m, telling the studio: “We need to talk.”

He has now dyed his hair purple and demanded an extra $1m from the company, saying he is giving GTA the “biggest free marketing in the entire history” of the game.

He said in a TikTok on Tuesday: “It’s your boy Joker 305, you know what is going on. Been making the worldwide news, killing the news for the last couple days.

“GTA, I am giving you the biggest free marketing you got in the entire history of running this GTA game.

“For that, I want an extra $1 million, ya’ll taking forever to respond back to me.”

He continued: “You see that? Find another character, find the other person that they portrayed that character from. I will wait, I’ll wait.

“GTA we got to talk, you think I’m playing?”

Referencing a case Lindsay Lohan brought against the company over a similar issue, he added: “You have got 3 days, three days before my lawyers go crazy on this case. This is not like the Lindsay Lohan case. This is not like the Lindsay Lohan case.

“I have got hard evidence, hard evidence.”

Back in 2014, Lohan sued Rockstar Games, claiming that the GTA V character of Lacey Jones looked like her, had a similar sounding voice and wore clothes that resembled her own clothing line.

But in 2018, the privacy case was dismissed by judges in New York. They concluded that the in-game “actress slash singer” merely resembled a generic young woman.

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