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28th Mar 2024

Hidden PlayStation menu unlocks over 200 free games for PS5 users

Ryan Price

new ps5 console

The secret stash of games have existed for a while, but very few people have been aware of them.

If you’re an owner of a PS5, you’ll be very familiar with the stunning graphics and constant stream of new games coming to the platform.

What you probably won’t be familiar with is a much overlooked category available to all owners of a PS4 and PS5.

Hidden away in the PlayStation Store is a digital category full to the brim with over 200 fun and diverse games that can all be played absolutely free of charge.

If you’re thinking these games are free because they’re no good, think again.

We’re going to outline five of the most varied games available, so you can get a true sense of what you’re missing out on.

Let’s start with Genshin Impact. If your vibe is exploring a vast open-world adventure, then this one’s for you.

Thanks to the stunning action RPG, you can immerse yourself in a vibrant world of challenges and quests.

To add to the attraction, PlayStation have promised that new stories, characters, and content are regularly added to the game.

Next up is Adventure Capitalist, another free-to-play game that was originally released on PlayStation 4.

The game is described as being like Monopoly, in that it allows players to invest funds and generate revenue.

The next one up is our favourite just purely for the name alone.

Introducing Brawlhalla! This one lets users choose from an extensive list of characters to brawl with.

Each match can contain up to eight players and you can play alone or with friends online.

Overwatch 2 is a team shooter title and guarantees hours of fun. There’s 35 heroes and 22 global maps to choose from.

Last but not least is Tower of Fantasy. It’s another open world fantasy so if you want to wander around a limitless space for half a day then Tower of Fantasy is your go to.

All you need to do to find this new world of gameplay is search ‘Free to Play’ on the PlayStation store and it’s all there.

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