Train like a Royal Marine with this fat-blasting HIIT workout 3 years ago

Train like a Royal Marine with this fat-blasting HIIT workout

Have you got what it takes to work out like a Royal Marine?

JOE recently spent time in Oman with the Royal Marines. The Marines are currently stationed there for a joint training exercise between the UK and Oman called Saif Sareea 3.


The exercise is Britain's biggest military deployment in the Gulf region since the Iraq war - calling on 5,500 personnel, 18 Challenger 2 tanks, two Apache gunships, eight Typhoon jets and more.

Engaging in death-defying raids in 45-degree heat is no small feat, requiring immense levels of fitness. This is how the Marines are conditioned to conduct such operations:

The first lesson you can learn from the Marines is to make use of what little space you do have.

One member spoke to JOE and said, 'when we've got an opportunity we'll try and get out to do some phys (physical training) either on the flight deck or container deck.'

For the Marines, getting in shape isn't about raking in more likes on social media. It must complement their day-to-day activity.


'The guys have to keep fit for a number of reasons. They went out and did a raid yesterday, and with this climate, and a lot of weight on their backs, it's important to stay as fit as we can.'

Here's how you can implement the circuit into your current training routine:

  • Shuttle Runs: Set up two sets of cones 50 metres apart. Perform 12-15 sets, with 10-15 second breaks in between.
  • Row: Set the difficulty level to 7-8 out of 10 (if 10 is the toughest possible level). Perform 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest. Repeat this pattern for 8-10 minutes.
  • Kettlebell Clean & Squat: Pick a challenging weight and perform sets of 30 seconds duration. Rest for 20, then repeat for 5 rounds.

  • Press-Ups: The Marines are required to perform at least 60 press-ups per minute, and these are full press-ups. Your chest must brush the floor and you must press all the way back up to the top, maintaining a slight bend at the elbows.
  • Alternating Dumbbell Press: Effectively a one-arm bench press with a dumbbell, select a weight you can perform 10-12 reps with, and then switch sides.

  • Battle Ropes: Perform 30 seconds all-out, with 20 seconds rest. Repeat for 5-6 rounds. Keep your shoulder blades retracted (pulled back) to avoid pain on the joint itself.
  • Hanging Leg Raises: Aim for 10-15 reps, keeping your reps slow and controlled. Avoid swinging your torso so tension remains on the abs at all times.

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