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23rd Oct 2023

Gym-goers stunned after woman works-out with ‘no trousers’ on


The TikToker raised eyebrows

A woman has left people stunned after she sharing a video in which she appears to have ‘no trousers’ on.

Gym-goer Bethy regularly shares videos of herself working out at the gym on her TikTok page.

But a recent video from the gym bunny raised eyebrows.

Alongside a white top, Bethy wore a pair of beige leggings almost identical in tone to her skin. This meant that, at first glance, she appeared to not be wearing anything from the waist down.

Commenting on the TikTok, one person said: “Please never wear them again, you’re going to give people heart attacks thinking you’re going around bare a**ed.”

Bethy replied: “They are pink! Look at my arms!”

Several others agreed with the comment though, with one user writing: “No! No! No! plz don’t wear again. they look like ur bare a*s naked.”

“I seriously thought you was naked at first!” another added.

“The pants are horrendous,” a third said.

But others had no issue with Bethy’s fashion choice, with one writing: “You can clearly see they are leggings!

“Give the girl a break! You look great!”

“Now i want a dull pink leggings,” another admitted.

“I love your outfit,” a third praised.

“The leggings look great,” someone else wrote.

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