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17th Aug 2020

Build bigger glutes with this workout from one of the world’s strongest women

Want to build bigger quads and glutes? Try this brutal, four-set workout from Stefi Cohen. She holds 25 powerlifting records

Alex Roberts

With 25 all-time powerlifting records to her name, Stefi Cohen can rightfully claim to be one of the pound-for-pound strongest women in the world

Cohen recently posted her current glutes workout routine on Instagram – which is worth attempting whether you’re an aspiring powerlifter or not.

Stefi Cohen’s Glutes Workout

This glutes workout routine consists of four exercises.

Each is to be done for six sets, with a 12 to 15 rep range. If you’re easily reaching that number, you’ll want to increase the load you’re lifting.

While the focus is on glutes (gluteus maximus muscle group), some of these exercises will also stimulate your quads and hamstrings.

Either way, you’ll leave the gym walking like John Wayne. Which is a good thing, of course.

Front foot elevated split squats

  • This is sometimes referred to as a Bulgarian split squat
  • With a pair of dumbbells in hand, stand two feet away from the bench
  • Place the top of your foot onto the bench behind
  • Keeping your back straight and chest upright, lower until your quad on the opposing side is parallel to the floor
  • Hold at this position for 1-2 seconds and then return to the start position, keeping all tension on the quads and glutes

Once you’ve hit 12-15 reps, repeat on the other leg.

Dumbbell Romanian deadlift (with pause)

  • Stand with your feet shoulder or hip width apart
  • Hold the dumbbells in front of you with palms facing the body
  • Keep your back straight while bending forward
  • Keep the dumbbells close to your shins
  • You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings, but drive through your heels and return to the top
  • Squeeze glutes at the top of the movement

Speed squats

  • Pretty self-explanatory, this one
  • You’ll perform this like a typical squat: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, the bar on your upper traps
  • Squat to just below parallel as normal
  • But your reps will be a lot quicker than a standard squat – so make sure you select a weight you can comfortably lift for 15 reps
  • Try not to fully lock out at either end of the lift, this will maintain tension on the quads and glutes

Cohen squats

  • When you’ve got an exercise named after you, you know you’re doing something right
  • Wrap a resistance band around your thighs, just above the knee on both sides
  • Keeping your back straight, squat down to where your glutes are parallel to the floor
  • At the bottom of each rep, abduct the hips by squeezing your glutes
  • That’s one rep, return to the top of the lift and repeat for 12-15