You can now get ugly Christmas trainers to match your Christmas jumper 2 years ago

You can now get ugly Christmas trainers to match your Christmas jumper

Get in the festive spirit

So it is now December, which means you can officially get Christmassy.


The ugly Christmas jumper has become an Xmas staple in recent years, with it even being used to raise money for a good cause.

It has kind of gotten to the point though where people are buying ‘ironic’ Home Alone or Die Hard sweaters with movie quotes on, and basically missing the point. An ugly Christmas jumper is supposed to look like something a grandad would wear, not be pop culture reference.

But if you want to go the whole hog, and wear something both traditionally festive and garish, we have the accessory for you: ugly Christmas trainers.

Brooks have released a festive version of their Levitate 2 shoe, just in time for the holidays.

Looking like something Will Ferrell would wear in Elf, they come in green with a stitched pattern of reindeer and Christmas trees.


The laces are red and white like candy canes, and they even have actual bells on them.

The shoes cost £140, which isn’t cheap, but these are proper running shoes, not some cheap novelty product.


The description on the website reads: "Experience the next iteration of infinite energy. Super springy DNA AMP cushioning plus a softer, more flexible Fit Knit upper adds up to total comfort."

Christmas jumpers are officially passe - it is all about Christmas trainers now.