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11th Feb 2020

Jeff Jarrett’s guide to using British items in a WWE hardcore match

Wil Jones

How would you hurt someone with a Henry Hoover?

If you’ve ever watched a WWE hardcore match in your life you’ll know that the fighters can use pretty much anything they please to injure their opponents.

They tend to be items like foldable chairs, baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire – an entity that really only exists within the professional wrestling world – and ladders.

But what if WWE wrestlers had specific items with which to fight, and specifically British items. We thought about this, and so we handed WWE legend Jeff Jarrett a series of extremely British items.

He showed us what he’d do with them. And it did not disappoint.

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett was in London ahead of WWE UK’s May live event tour later in the year, tickets available via TicketMaster.