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26th Apr 2022

Never-before-seen footage released from Rust set of moments before and after Halyna Hutchins’ death

Danny Jones

Footage from the set of Rust

Newly released evidence shows rehearsals, the moments immediately after the shooting and Baldwin being questioned by police

Previously unseen footage from the Rust set shows the moments before and after the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins on October 21, 2021.

Released by Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, numerous clips – including a video showing Alec Baldwin rehearsing with the prop Colt 45. revolver before the scene – have now been submitted as evidence in the accidental shooting which killed the 42-year-old Ukrainian cinematographer.

As you can see in the short video above, Baldwin can be seen drawing the gun, the chamber of which was reportedly found to have not been checked properly, from within his coat and pointing the barrel towards the camera behind which Hutchins and director Joel Souza – also injured in the incident – were stood.

The shooting itself – which was recreated by professional animators specialising in legal cases – is not yet thought to have been seen but subsequent bodycam footage taken from the officers arriving on the scene shows police, medics and members of the crew scrambling around to attend to Hutchins and Souza following the shot.

Furthermore, footage capturing the initial police interviews has also been released, during which the 64-year-old actor insists that he was told the gun only ever contained “dummy” or “cosmetic rounds”.

He goes on to say that while he did not see the rounds themselves in the chamber before the take was filmed, it should have been a “cold gun” at all times. Nevertheless, upon pulling the hammer back to cock the gun, the firearm went off.

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